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5 Reputable Surgeons for Breast Augmentation in the U.S.

Breast augmentation surgery involves the use of breast implants or fat transfer breast augmentation to help increase or enhance the size of the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery does help to restore the breast volume which has been lost during weight lost or after pregnancy.

Breast augmentation can also help to improve the balance of a woman’s body figure and help to enhance self-image. One thing that breast augmentation does not do is lift sagging breast. When choosing a surgeon to carry out the breast augmentation you need to look out for the best surgeons around, even if that means traveling.

Below we have reviewed five reputable plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the U.S.

Dr. Karen Horton of San Francisco/Bay Area, CA

Dr. Karen Horton is based in San Francisco Bay Area of California. She was trained in the United States and Canada where she graduated with honors in Bachelor of Science. She does also have masters in science degree in Kingston before embarking on her medical career. She graduated in medical school in the University of Toronto. She later trained for plastic surgery for five years.

She is internationally certified in plastic surgery by both the American board of plastic surgery and the royal college of surgeon of Canada. She specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for women. She does have a private practice where she gives the patient attention and compassionate care.

As a leading breast augmentation surgeon in the Bay Area, Dr. Karen Horton philosophy is to educate, inform and empower her patient to make the right decision about their body. Most patients of Dr. Karen Horton have an easy time when going through the procedure since of her extraordinary compassion and attitude.

Dr. David Hidalgo of New York, NY

Dr. David Hidalgo did his bachelor degree in Georgetown. He did specialize in surgery for 8 years at general surgery in New York University. He was later certified by the American Board of plastic surgery. He has written a lot of books regarding surgery. Dr. David Hidalgo is also very good at breast augmentation and his patients say his services are quite outstanding. He is located in New York.

Dr. Richard Rand of Bellevue, WA

Dr. Richard Rand is an experienced Bellevue based plastic surgeon. He has an AB degree with distinction from Stanford University. He has trained in plastic surgery at Emory University which was America’s prestigious teaching program then. His main goal is to provide the level of care that he and his family would receive.

Dr. Richard Rand is the owner and director of the Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He does tell his patient what they should expect when undergoing the breast augmentation. He has received numerous awards and honors due to his excellent work. His peers have elected him more than sixty times in the best doctors list.

Dr. Corbin Frederic of Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Corbin Frederic is a well known plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 25 years. He has deep vast experience when it comes to breast augmentation. He is certifies under American Board of Plastic Surgery and he scored top five percentile in his category. Dr. Corbin Frederic is located in Beverly Hills, California, and is known as one of the .

Dr. Leonard A. Roudner of South Florida

Dr. Leonard A. Roudner is a world renowned plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. He studied in the University of Melbourne for his MBBS. He has gained honors by his colleagues. He is a member of the American society of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He does offer specialized services of breast augmentation in Florida.

Site Helps Locals Connect With Breast Augmentation Surgeons in the Bay Area

One of those most common surgical procedures to aesthetic/cosmetic enhancement among women is breast augmentation (which is medical speak for breast enhancement via breast implants or reduction.)

The world has witnessed so many high-profile blunders of breast augmentation procedures as well-known public figures have stepped forward to claim that they were given a raw deal. People have seen disturbing images of breast augmentation gone wrong. This has crept in a certain distrust towards surgeons who claim to know breast augmentation. The honest truth is that it is difficult to find a breast augmentation surgeon one can trust.

But fear associated with the outcomes breast augmentation surgery is slowly being diffused and the worry is being allayed by locally-focused, quality info-drive websites like that of Bay Area Breast Augmentation. Women can get find local resources as well as reputable breast augmentation surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area by visiting, bayareabreastaugmentation.org.

The Foundation of BayAreaBreastAugmentation.org

This San Francisco Bay Area website will add value to those women who are looking to improve themselves. It contains useful information on the top breast augmentation surgeons in the Bay Area. One will get acquainted with what cosmetic surgery entails and have their specific needs addressed.

BayAreaBreastAugmentation.org is a website like no other with high quality and relevant information focused on building confidence in women seeking to go through with breast surgery. This website purposes to enlighten them on the types of breast procedures that the esteemed plastic surgeons can perform.

This is not a site that misleads and peddles half-truths on cosmetic surgeries, there is a deficit of correct information with people visiting all manner of sites and one can be guaranteed that everything that they read on the website is well-researched and written out of experience. Seasoned plastic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area are connecting with their clients through the website.

Connect With Reputable Breast Augmentation Surgeons in the Bay Area

Women can connect with plastic/breast augmentation surgeons in the Bay Area and interact with them before going through with the life-changing event that is breast augmentation. Young or old, women will find solutions to their problems, complications and even the curious ones will be satisfied. One will get exposure on the resources that are used in breast surgeries and how they work. One can read articles to do with breast augmentation and find the surgeon for what they need.

By visiting BayAreaBreastAugmentation.org, one will have done themselves a huge favour as the most important thing is getting information, information on the plastic surgeons on offer is the most pivotal. That is the first step towards gaining trust with them. The breast augmentation surgeons aim to inculcate a feeling of confidence in potential patients.

A woman’s breasts are part and parcel of her appearance, it would be a great boost if they were made more attractive through breast surgery procedures available on the website and performed by surgeons accessed through the platform. It would be an honor not just to improve someone’s image but also spike their confidence.

A lot of effort goes into making sure that one looks good. And in the world of today, image translates to opportunities. Technology and advancement in medical procedures have made it possible to get the exact image that one would like. The good news is that one does not have to be a celebrity or a high-profile personality, they just need to find the right doctors and everything will be fine.