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Top 3 Internet Marketing Companies Specializing in SEO for Surgeons

As one of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing in driving qualified traffic to a site, SEO holds immense potential for many brands and business, particularly surgeons. While many surgeons and medical practices try SEO in-house, often the best results are achieved when working with a specialized Internet marketing company that offers expertise and experience providing SEO for surgeons. Internet Marketing SEO for Surgeons

Instead of searching Google in an effort to pinpoint such companies, we’ve done the work for you in this article. Below profile three highly-qualified, reputable, and top-rated Internet marketing companies that specialize in SEO for surgeons.

Optimized Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is acclaimed to be the best Internet marketing company that specialises in SEO for surgeons and related medical professionals. Unlike most other Internet marketing companies that does different kinds of marketing, Optimized Surgeons focuses on SEO for surgeons and only for surgeons and related medical practices. Some of its services include:

  • Search Marketing and SEO for Surgeons. They are experts in helping surgeons gain traffics through paid and unpaid means.
  • Organic SEO for plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons: Optimized Surgeons have a team of professional in organic search.
  • Google Local Search for Surgeons: Google almost have a monopoly of the search engine aspect of the internet. Optimized Surgeons develops new strategies to use google local in improving the businesses of their clients.

Further, Optimized Surgeons utilizes some unique strategies that make them stand out from others. They include:

  • Copywriting and On-Page SEO for Surgeons
  • Off-Page SEO: Citation Audit and Link Generation
  • Optimized Assets and Engaging Patients
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for Surgeons


This is another incredibly great SEO company that focuses and offers its services to surgery practitioners. Though, it offers special services for search Engine optimization for the those in the medical and surgery industry, its services are not limited to SEO.

NKPMedical also offers such other services as web design, responsive websites, web takeover, reputation management, consulting services and so on. Their approaches to SEO and Internet marketing for surgeons generally are a bit different because they also build the websites themselves. The implications of building websites for surgeons and then providing them SEO services is that they tend have more technical knowledge about the working of this sites.


As one of the top Internet marketing companies for surgeons, Ceatus is another SEO company that occupies the upper echelon among specialized Internet marketing companies. It combines some of the following services:

Ceatus boasts clients with some of the most impressive top rankings and internet presence. Some of their specialized SEO services, include LASIK Surgeon SEO, Bariatric Surgeon SEO, and Dentist SEO.

When it comes to SEO for surgeons, the above three Internet marketing companies sit on atop the list. Some the things that distinguish them from the pool of others include their combination of services, their unique services and their managerial team made up of industry experts with years of experience in SEO. One thing specializing in SEO for surgeons has done for companies like Optimized Surgeons is presenting them as industry leaders and experts in their field.

5 Web-based Careers That Allow You to Work from Home

The internet offers many opportunities for professionals looking to work from home yet earn from pursuing their careers. Here are 5 web-based careers that allow you to work from home.

Copywriting work from home

Copywriting entails creating content (copy) for web pages, promotional material, ads to be uploaded to a web site. Copywriting aims at coming up with content that is creative and innovative in order to convince readers or prospective customers that a product is best for them. Usually, the content will be designed in such a way that it calls the customers to action, either to make purchases, downloads or subscriptions.

While copywriting isn’t rocket science, there are several technical bits that proficient copywriters has to know including a great writing skill set, creative writing and a bit of knowledge on SEO. Otherwise, All you need to be in business is your PC and internet connection.

SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO is an internet marketing strategy used by most web site owners, both corporate and individual. Most companies have discovered that success of their business lies in embracing SEO and Internet marketing. This means that there is quite a large market for internet marketing experts especially those into SEO. Simply, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing the visibility of a certain page or site in the web on a search engine. The aim is to optimize the website so that it appears in the first page of a search engine (usually Google). SEO has proven to increase viewers and ultimately translate to increased conversion rates and profits for the company. It can be done from home and it surely pays the bills.


How fast can you type? If you are accurate when typing and are speedy, then you may consider becoming a transcriptionist. This is a person who converts data in various forms into word documented form. They type information from live reading, recordings, conversations or otherwise in order to convert it into word form. There are a number of agencies that hire independent agents for transcription on contract basis. They offer regular assignments for transcriptions as well as other customer service assignments. Most contractors pay on an hourly basis, and the pay is really handsome.

Customer care professional

With companies looking to outsource their call centers, home based call centers have become quite popular and inclining towards professionalism. Work from home customer care professionals have to be fluent in English and have mastery of at least one other foreign language. Knowledge and fluency in several languages is an added advantage for one looking to consider pursuing the career. To make it in the profession, you’ll need to be self-reliant, motivated, and have knowledge on work ethics. This field promises a lot an most certainly earns you good pay.

Bilingual communication experts

Bilinguals or multilingual have knowledge of and can speak more than one language fluently. There are a number of well-paying work from home jobs for persons with such knowledge. Web-based Opportunities for bilinguals are available in sectors such as education sectors, communication, quality assurance, online content and so many more. specialists receive a good pay as well as other incentives, and they get to create good connections.