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4 Pillars of Business Website Design for 2016

Now breaking the halfway point of 2016, business website design must conform to the ever-changing landscape of user needs and preferences. Further, a site’s web design must remaining flexible enough to include new changes and ongoing development without starting from scratch.

The need for responsiveness and scalability is not new to website design, and neither are some of the elements we cover below. But, it’s never too late to take a gander at what could be the most important decisions of your web design strategy this year.

Ensure Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is more than just a new term coined by a web developer. It is the basic need for your business to provide a website that flexes to the multiple screen sizes and device types that visitors use today. A website that is responsive is a combination of flexible layouts and media detection capabilities properly handled at the coding level.

While remaining dynamic in how information is presented falls into responsive design, so does the idea that visitors want a personalized encounter with your company. Depending on the type of company, this can be using cookies to remember their name, or populating hot items based on previous searches. Regardless, when thinking of RWD, remember that responding to a visitor is active participation, while simply allowing a visitor on your site is passive.

Take Mobile-Friendly to a New Level

Since more users are relying on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do the surfing for them, it is critical that your business adopt a mobile-friendly plan for website design. To work on a mobile device, we know it must be responsive. To be friendly to mobile users, we know it must be adaptive. Combining those two means creating a website that dynamically adjusts its content to be presented in a user-friendly and easily navigable interface.

The key to mobile-friendly design in 2016 is to avoid creating a separate site and invest the time in building your website to respond instantly through the dynamic use of HTML5 and CSS. Don’t know what those are? Simply remember that one site is easier to manage than two, and website design technology today allows for flexibility in presentation without recreating the wheel. Take it from a company that specializes in business web design in Peoria IL. They provide mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps to make it happen.

Take The Risk To Convert

When a visitor to your website initially lands on your default home page, what do they do first? That is the question a business owner should ask when establishing their goals for turning passive visitors into active visitors. An active visitor is one that completes a task that is desirable and for your benefit.

In other words, perhaps you want to capture their information to maintain contact for promotions or news. Or, maybe you want to foster the purchase of your product or service by guiding them to your top selling items. And, it could be as simple as providing a dynamic link to Google maps pinpointing your brick and mortar store location.

Whatever your goal, you must take the risk of assuming you know not only what your visitors want but what they will do for you given the right promptings. Set your business up for success by optimizing your web design for conversions. Also known as CRO, the rate at which you succeed online will certainly increase at the onset of your journey towards targeted messaging.

Keep It SEO-friendly & Socially-Integrated

While search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are not new to the profession of marketing a presence on the Internet, they are worthy of mention when it comes to business web design. Utilizing keywords, especially key phrases, in small and manageable quantities will ensure that your site gets the best chance of ranking high in search engines. But, even better, is connecting with your audience through social media.

With the wave of hashtags and shares, your best bet at staying connected with your audience – and converting them to customers – is to make your social media icons easy to find on your website. This means some concerted effort must be made both in writing content and designing your business website pages. Implement such creative website design strategies to bring your entire marketing efforts to fruition.

Whether you’re hiring a web design company or doing most of your development in-house, don’t let these five elements overwhelm you. But, also don’t be fooled. They are critical to a successful website in 2016. Heed our advice and you’ll be well on your way to converting visitors into customers and making a profit on the Internet.

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