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How to Use a Golf Ball Divot Repair Tool

When playing any sport, it is good to have general knowledge of proper etiquette. In the game of golf, it is considered very poor etiquette to leave divots or ball marks made by your approach shot. Fixing ball marks with a divot repair tool is vital to maintain the pristine condition and overall health of the green.

How to Use Divot Repair Tool

Divot repair tool shown is the Mark Mender

In addition to respecting the greens, a course that has many divots can also impair game play among all other golfs. This is because a putt can be directed off course due to someone else divot not being properly repaired, or worse, not repaired at all.

Once again, if a divot is repaired incorrectly; then the green will be in poor maintenance and everyone will suffer. The standard divot repair tool comes in either metal or plastic and has two prongs. When using one of the best golf ball divot repair tools like the Mark Mender, the key to using this tool effectively is to close the gap and push the sides of the divot together without pulling up on the green (uprooting the precious grass in the process.)

We will now look at the steps and procedures on how to correctly repair divots you have created.

Proper Divot Repair Technique

Below are five simple steps to properly fix a ball mark using a divot repair tool.

1. Place the pointy end into the raised ground, just outside of the ball mark itself. Never insert the tool into the area that has been pushed down by the ball; this could cause damage to the green.

2. Push down and forward,moving the tool along the ball mark. This will push the ground closer together.

3. Then move the tool to either side, going around the side of the ball mark. This will close the divot.

4. Avoid pulling up on the tool, bring the green to the top of the indentation, this can damage the roots and take longer to repair.

5. Finish your repair by tapping lightly on the ball mark to level the ground with your putter. Never push down hard, as this too will damage the green. It is advised to use your putter, as your shoe may leave marks.

Remember, the ground should be level when you have finished repairs. While you should always repair your own divots, it is a nice and compassionate gesture to fix any of the divots you find or see. This can help the green to stay lush, vibrant and healthy as well as fun to play.

For a visual representation, see the video contributed by the Mark Mender divot tool producers.

No Mistakes with the Best Divot Repair Tool

While conventional divot repair tools generally work by pulling on the sides of the mark, the tool is often used improperly, which can does more bad than good. The specific design of the Mark Mender divot repair tool makes it practically impossible to damage the green. It works by the use of a spring loaded squeeze mechanism to simultaneously control four prongs that act in a poke and pinching manner to mend the divot in a seamless manner.

The Mark Mender divot repair tool takes less time to mean your divots, or anyone else divot, and can also be used as a very fine and fancy cigar holder (allowing you to take your stogie to all the way to the hole). They also come in divot tools custom, so you can personalize them how you wish. You should still use your putter to make sure that it is completely level. In the long run, the use of a Mark Mender divot repair tool will not only benefit you in its ease of use but will also help to maintain the vitality of the greens, as it is virtually impossible to misuse.