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Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Right for You?

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures among both men and women. Recognized as a safe and highly-effective solution to get rid of unwanted hair, permanently, laser hair removal has been proven among countless patients to be well worth the cost.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removallaser hair removal process

The procedure of hair removal through laser treatments has become a mainstream medical solution that’s embraced by doctors and laser skin care centers alike. When going into a laser hair removal program, the initial stages require proper preparation for both the doctor and the patient.

First, an individual interested in laser hair removal must verify that the technician or doctor is qualified for the job by checking his or her credentials. Anyone planning to have the hair removed through laser methods must limit or completely avoid waxing and other forms of electrolysis for at least six weeks before. This is important because it gives room for the roots of the hair to form and therefore making the process smooth and effective (as laser hair removal targets the hair roots.)

Further, overexposure to sun makes this procedure less effective. Therefore, prolonged sun exposure should be avoided before and after the treatment. Certain products, like specific types of skin creams that make the skin more sensitive, should also be avoided before one undergoes the treatment.

During The Procedure

This form of hair removal involves use of lasers to destroy the hair follicle through exposing it to laser light. The doctor starts by trimming the hair leaving a few millimeters over the surface of the skin. The doctor then adjusts the laser to the correct color and thickness as well as the angle depending on the location of the hair. The doctor and the patient may also be required to put on eye protecting devices depending on the source and the strength of the light.

how laser hair removal works

In order to protect the skin, a cold gel or a special cooling apparatus may be applied on the surrounding skin. The doctor then passes the laser light on the area giving a thorough check to ensure that the correct settings are in place and that there are no negative reactions. After the treatment the doctor will apply and issue the necessary medication that will ease any discomfort and quicken the healing process. Among these medication include anti-inflammatory lotion, creams or simply an ice pack remedy.

Outcome & Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal safely destroys the hair roots to stop further growth. However, human hair has a growth cycle and different hair roots grow at different times. For a laser hair removal to be effective, it is paramount to go for a series of sessions in order to get rid of all stages of hair growth. According to certified laser hair removal specialist, Dr. Jay M. Kulkin, MD of WIFH in Atlanta, the recommended number of treatment sessions is eight.

According to Atlanta laser specialist Dr. Kulkin, “With laser hair removal, we are able to tremendously change the lives of people who have used numerous over-the-counter remedies.”

The treated hair is likely to diminish over the month of treatment. It is recommended to use sunscreen to protect the skin from any harmful rays that may disrupt the process. Other expected temporary side effects include scars, redness and swelling. There are no permanent side effects that have been reported.

Hair removal through laser method has several benefits. The major benefit is that it gives permanent, long lasting results as opposed to other hair removal methods. After one undergoes the recommended number of sessions there is typically no more hair growth in the targeted area.

laser hair removal

Image credit: WIFH

Another benefit is that the treatment is fast with some parts of the body taking as little as less than a minute to complete. This method also ensure that the surrounding skin is left undamaged while the attained results are permanent.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The cost of laser hair removal treatment depends on a number of factors, including the area being treated whether big or small as well as the sensitivity of the area. The cost also depends on how many sessions are required and the qualification of the person carrying out the job.

The city or state in which the procedure is being carried out also determines the cost of laser hair removal, as some cities charge higher and others are lower depending on the living standards of the people staying in these areas. Average cost for this method of hair removal would range from a couple hundred dollars upwards to a thousand dollars per session, depending on the above factors.

There are numerous ways of managing hair that is on different parts of the human body. The most commonly used methods of hair removal include shaving, plucking, waxing and use of creams. These methods are effective but do not give a long lasting solution as the hair will eventually grow again and a repeat of the same hair removal method would be necessary. However, laser hair removal is an effective way of removing the unwanted hair as in this case the hair stops growing completely.