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Ironman Triathlon Coaching: How To Find The Best Coach For You

If you are in search of an Ironman triathlon coach in order to help you advance your training for your next A-race, then it is crucial that take some time research and invest in tri coach who you ultimately are confident in.

When searching for Ironman triathlon coaches who are right for you and your needs, cost of coaching services, experience, and communication are just a few considerations that need to be addressed. Additionally, (and if you’re looking for Ironman triathlon coaches online,) it’s important to find a coach who you trust in designing your race schedule and training program.

To help give you some insight as to what you might need in your future Ironman triathlon coach, below we highlight three important steps to help you to search for a tri coach is right for you..

How Responsive is the Triathlon Coach?

Because there are a wide range of Ironman triathlon coaches who operate on the Internet, the spectrum of coaching services is vast. Some Ironman tri coaches provide very inter-personalized coaching programs with direct communication, individualized training programs, and nutrition and fueling planning. Common in a more premium level of Ironman triathlon coaching are faster response times to athletes’ questions and inquiries, which is vital for online triathlon coaching.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are several Ironman tri coaches who are far less integrated when it comes to responsiveness and working with athletes on a more personalized basis. While the price of coaching services often corresponds to responsiveness and engagement among tri coaches, it is entirely up to you to learn as much as you can about various triathlon coaches in order pinpoint the right expert who can guide you through your Ironman triathlon training.

What to Ask Prospective Ironman Triathlon Coaches?

Before contacting any Ironman triathlon coaches, come up with a number of questions to ask. These questions should address crucial characteristics and coaching dynamics that you find important in a coach. Just avoid writing a laundry list the will result in a long interview process. Instead, focus on a few vital questions that mean the most in your investment in a tri coach,

To help get you started, below are a few questions to consider asking.

    • What’s the average response time with online triathlon coaching?
    • What kind of testing and data does the triathlon coach need to build a training program?
    • How does the Ironman triathlon coach prefer to communicate?
    • How much does the triathlon coaching services cost?
    • What online triathlon training platform (if any) does the coach use?

These are just a handful of example questions that you might want to ask an Ironman coach you’re interested in. Some of the questions are even more critical if you’re investing in Ironman triathlon coaching online.

Searching for Ironman Triathlon Coaches Online

The first step to searching for Ironman triathlon coaches online is to know precisely what you’re looking for in a coach. Similar the questions you outline from above, pinpoint some of the attributes or coaching dynamics that you’re wanting.

If face-to-face interaction and direct feedback during training is something you’re looking for, then you may want to search for Ironman triathlon coaches in your area. There are a number of great resources to find local Ironman triathlon coaches, such as BetterTriathlete.com, USATriathlon.org, and Slowtwitch.com, to name a few.

If you’re open to online triathlon coaching, then this will open the door to more options among Ironman coaches out there. Tons of coaches operate online. And while you may not receive the personalized level of coaching and training feedback you’d get from working with a coach locally, or in person, you do have access to some of the most advanced and elite-level coaches from around the world.